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Bulletin April 5th 2020

As we have no Sunday Mass congregation we would greatly appreciate your support where possible for our weekly Planned Giving to help with the basic maintenance of the Church and Parish.  We know that many people have been affected financially by the Covid- 19 crisis so any support is greatly appreciated. You can do so by clicking on the `Donate` button on our website   Thank you.  Fr. John. 

This Lent we have been called to give up more than most had planned. However this year as we have seen in God`s providential care that he has allowed a new way to be carved out for many Catholics, as the world navigates the immense challenges of a pandemic. At the same time we`ve been called to renew our hope and trust in the God who sees beyond any earthly suffering not as a passive spectator but as the one who took on flesh in order to feel deeply the pangs of human suffering in order to redeem it.


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