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Bulletin February 7th 2020

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Be Christ For Others

Jesus says we are salt and light of the earth and must allow the joy of our faith to spill over into the lives of others. We need to put our faith into action, being Christ for others and extending the same mercy and compassion as Christ. A good teacher knows what his students can handle. Do we see in ourselves what God sees in us? Salt brings taste, zest, and joy to life. We are asked to liven things up by allowing the joy of our faith to spill over into the lives of others. Once we are able to develop a sincere and deep relationship with God, it will define us and flow out of us. Because of that relationship, humanity can be freshened and set on proper course. This is especially true if these relationships are cultivated, shared, and enriched in communities that share the same beliefs. To be light means that our faith must translate into action so that we can be Christ for others and extend the same arm of mercy and compassion that Christ did. To be light means that through perseverance, learning, determination, and discernment, the darkness of the cause of injustice can be illumined, challenged, and remedied. None of this is easy work.


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