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Bulletin February 23rd 2020


"It was but a sunny smile,

And little it cost in the giving,

But it scattered the night like the morning light

And made the day worth living.

It was but a kindly word,

A word that was lightly spoken,

Yet not in vain for it chilled the pain

Of a heart that was nearly broken.

It was but a helping hand, And it seemed of little availing,

But its clasp was warm, it saved from harm

A brother whose strength was failing.

" Try the sunny smile of true love, the kindly word of Christian encouragement, the helping hand of true charity, and not only will you brighten the darkness and lighten the load of your brother but you will be imitating in your own small way the perfect Father of love who is in heaven. Fr. Kevin O`Sullivan O.F.M.


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