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Bulletin January 5th 2020

The Feast of the Epiphany

What the Church celebrates today is the

manifestation of our Lord to the whole world; after

being made known to the shepherds of Bethlehem

He is revealed to the Magi who have come from

the East to adore Him. Christian tradition has ever

seen in the Magi the first fruits of the Gentiles;

they lead in their wake all the peoples of the earth,

and thus the Epiphany is an affirmation of

universal salvation. St. Leo brings out this point

admirably in a sermon, read at Matins, in which

he shows in the adoration of the Magi the begin-

nings of Christian faith, the time when the great

mass of the heathen sets off to follow the star

which summons it to seek its Saviour.


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