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Parish Bulletin August 11th 2019

On a windy day it is fascinating to observe the confidence of a crow swaying on a frail branch. The bird knows that at any moment its shaky security may snap but it is confident that when it collapses, it is free to fly to the sky - and it is ‘ever ready to take off.’ Christ tells us to be like that ....always on the alert... He wants us to exercise here and now our God given wings of faith and love, lest we become like the farmyard chicken - unable to rise above the simplest obstacles. The hen preoccupies itself with the ‘things below’ and through simple lack of practice has lost her ability to fly to the heavens above. Jesus here appears to be warning us about the future, whereas in fact, he is inviting us to respond to the present. Whole hearted response of trust in God is the only way to experience the treasure of his Kingdom. This is the essence of the story...


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