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Parish Bulletin August 25th 2019

Today in our modern society of iphones, emails and the internet, a lot celebrities claim to have millions of followers and friends. It is very easy to be an electronic follower or friend of a person you have never met. Following Jesus is not as easy as this. He invites us to be his friend and follower with the words, if you want to be my disciple, take up your cross and follow me. At times this is not an easy path to follow. Following Jesus asks of us more than just pressing a button. We all claim to be followers of Jesus; for the most part we are faithful church goers who every Sunday eat and drink in his company. This Sunday’s gospel reminds that this isn’t enough. What could this possibly means for us today? In the gospel, Jesus presents us with two images that tell us that if we decide to follow him, it is going to require some effort on our part. We will have through squeeze through the ‘narrow gate’ and face the ‘locked door.’ The path that we are called to follow as we become followers of Jesus is demanding, but it is equally rewarding. It will test us, but it will also strengthen and encourage us. When we say yes to follow Jesus, it is never a single yes made once. We are asked to recommit ourselves every day. Each day, in often seemingly small ways we are asked to take up our cross for the sake of the gospel and others. This is how we pass through the ‘narrow gate’ and enter through the ‘locked door.’ When we put our faith into concrete action, our yes to Jesus becomes real not only in our lives but in the lives of others. In short, being a follower and disciple of Jesus today requires some effort and commitment from us; we can’t do it on line! It is through the quality of our daily lives with others that we show that we are willing to enter through the ‘narrow gate’ and pass through the ‘locked door.’


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