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Parish Bulletin October 20th 2019


This Sunday is World Mission Sunday. As Pope Francis said in his World Mission Sunday message, I am a mission, always; you

are a mission always; every baptised man and woman is a mission.

To men and women missionaries, and to all those who, by virtue of

their baptism, share in any way in the mission of the Church, I

send my heartfelt blessing. ‘Today the Church tells us that we are called to be Missionaries

wherever we are. In Balbriggan it means being friendly and

welcoming to the new Irish– the immigrants and refugees who have come to live here.

The three ways to preach the Gospel are;

1. The example of our lives.

2. By our own actions-to help those in need.

3. By our own words– to have the courage to explain the

Gospel to non Christians and to young people.

Fr. Tony SMA

Here in Balbriggan we have our own Parishioners who are

missionaries Fr. Michael O`Grady who is in South Korea. Anne

Reilly is in Bolivia. Fr Donal Toal SMA and Fr. Tony Gill SMA

who were both involved in Missionary work abroad.


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